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The Five Pillars

In 2022, we founded Sticks & Strings Foundation, which had grown in our hearts many years before that. Helping children and parents has always been our charitable focus. We created our Foundation, with the purpose to support the overall well-being of kids. We believe that if you've been blessed, you should "build a longer table, rather than a taller fence," and that is what we are trying to do with Sticks and Strings. We truly want all kids to have access to the opportunities that we know we will be able to give our children.   


We hope each year to support charities in Canada that align with our five pillars of focus - sports, music, reading, the outdoors, and supporting new parents or parents in need.  We couldn’t be more grateful for the support we’ve received from the beginning and can’t wait to see the Foundation continue to grow and help more and more kids.  

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“Reading and music appreciation are the best gifts a parent can give a child. Once given, they can never be taken away.” -Unknown 

Our Mission


Involvement in sports helps kids development, health, self-esteem, and teaches them to work as a team. Having access to teams and equipment can mean the world of a difference to a child.  



Music ignites all areas of children’s development and helps with literacy. Music helps the body and mind work together and benefits kids on an emotional level as well. Giving kids access to music impacts the rest of their lives.  

Our Mission


Confidence in reading not only fosters a love of learning, but also helps build vocabulary, and supports brain development. Kids having access to books at home can make the world of a difference! 


The Outdoors

Children having access to the outdoors allows them to create their own play schemas, move their bodies, improves eye sight, balances hormonal levels, and so much more. The current increase in indoor time for kids makes having access to the outdoors that much more important.  

Parent Support

Raising a child takes “a village,” and those villages have dwindled down more than ever. All parents need support in different ways; some need emotional support, some need financial support, and some need the support of time. Growing these villages benefits both parents and children, and that support trickles down.  


We Need Your Support Today!

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